Bachelorette Party Shirt, Wine & Champagne, & Girl Power Phrases

You can choose any of the phrases below or request a custom phrase for your shirt(s)!


Pop the champagne I'm changing my last name Bride Pour the wine his last name is mine
Mrs. Bridesmaid Wifey
Lovers gonna love Maid of Honor Bride on Cloud Wine
Mother of the Bride Matron of Honor Mother of the Groom


Pop the champagne Drinks well with others Pinot Noir Au Revoir
But First Champagne But First Wine How Merlot can you go?
Chardon Heyyy! Do you accept this Rosé? Everything happens for a Riesling
Champagne is my spirit animal Game Day and Champagne Fine like Wine
Get me a Cab Hakuna Moscato Hit me baby one more wine
I make pour decisions  It's my party and I'll wine if I want to Jesus Drank Wine
Let's Wine about it Me, Myself and Wine My goodness my Gerwurstraminer
Namaste and Cabernet Prosecco is my spirit animal No Wine left behind
Watch me sip sip Chardo nay nay Obi Wine Kenobi Peace, Love & Champagne
Slay all day then Cabernet Slay all day then Rose  Sauvignon Blanc out
Mornings Are For Mimosas OK, but first, Mimosas
Start with coffee end with Wine
Rise and Wine Rose all day  Rose s'il vous plait
Que Syrah, Syrah Wine girl wasted I'm on cloud wine
You had me at Bordeaux You had me at Merlot You had me at Pinot
Sip Happens Time to Wine down You can't sip with us
Wine now run later Champagne s'il vous plait Pop fizz clink
Champagne Campaign Cheers Just Drunk


Girlboss Zen AF Wanderlust
Sunday Funday Fancy AF OK, but first, Coffee
You can sit with us Thankful Stressed, Blessed, and Coffee Obsessed
More Issues than Vogue Grateful Thankful Blessed Wake Up, Kick Ass, Repeat
Unicorn is my SPIRIT ANIMAL Birthday Girl Good things come to those who hustle
TACOS and Tequila Wake up, kick ass, be rad, repeat Diamonds and Tacos

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